Who we are

SI Services, Inc. has specialized in iPad training for professionals and parents, empowering them to use technology to enhance the learning experience for special learners. This occurs through the ability to introduce content in a creative, interactive way to support learning.

karen speaking

ANNOUNCED SEPTEMBER 2014 WAS THE ADDITION OF OUR NEW STUDENT LEARNING CENTER. Our expanded facility now houses our school Community Based Technology Instruction Center.

Karen Velocci, President of SI Services for 30 years, has a background in technology and education, but, first and foremost, she is a parent of a 23 year old non verbal son living with autism. She offers the very unique perspective as a parent who continually seeks ways to provide the best life and most effective education for her child. She ‘lives what she teaches’ and ‘teaches what she lives’!

The improvement of vital skills like communication, academic advancement, independent living and social engagement can be supported by the use of iPads and iPod Touch devices for integration of content at home, school and community environments.

Our experienced professionals and coaches provide support to assist people travel successful through the new world of technology integration in education. Whatever your needs, we can help empower you to move forward.

“The world is a challenging place for my son, says Karen, but with the use of an iPad/iPod touch, his world has changed. He is more comfortable and confident and that has allowed him the ability to open up his world for learning. We all need to learn how to work together and support each other along this technology road.”

Additionally, 2016 began the development of the Special Education Safety Emergency Preparedness Program designed to better support Special Education Students learn about and practice the proper safety responses to survive an emergency situation in a school setting. 2017 launched the pilot program and began the roll out to support ALL SpEd students who require this specialized curriculum.