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At SI Services, we proudly offer innovative technology products and strategies to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities live an  independent and fulfilling life!

New And Exciting News from SI Services!
We have become an Apple Developer with our innovative Caregiver App


2019-2020: Stay Tuned for all the exciting information about our iOS CAREGIVER App which will be released in the Apple App Store in 2020. The app is being developed by SI Services, in partnership with Computer Engineering students from Drexel University. As parents of a son with autism, we hold a special perspective as technology professionals with real world understanding of autism, intellectual disabilities and strategies to help provide supports to increase productivity.

Would someone you know benefit from additional supports so they can be more independent and not rely on others to complete daily tasks and activities?

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Giving individuals with a disability the practice and understanding they need to succeed in critical emergency situations!

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  • We provide curriculum and ‘Drill’ sessions to understand an emergency
  • WHY? Because individuals with a disability can have challenges in response
  • WHAT? Active Threat, Fire Safety, and intruder situations
  • HOW? Technology supports the social situation & breaks down steps
  • Partner with first responders to develop community relationships
  • Essential program to ensure everyone’s safety

SI was honored to present at the Southeastern PA Safe Schools Symposium.

Parents also need to make certain all family members are prepared if there should be an emergency situation at home.

iPad Educational Program

Classes offer professionals and parents the hands-on opportunity to learn the latest, most innovative ways that technology can enhance learning and communication for an individual with special needs. Topic focused sessions discuss and demonstrate apps that support skill development so see what’s out there to support your child or student!

Whether the diagnosis is autism, or another learning disability, SI walks with you through the exciting and challenging world of technology integration. We can succeed TOGETHER!


“The iPad inservice was a great success! Karen Velocci tailored the workshop to the needs of the Mercer County Special Services School District’s staff including, classroom teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. willing 3 Every discipline was able to gather information to assist with the use of technology within their classrooms or therapy rooms. So many tricks were learned that allow us to restrict access and customize an iPad to meet student needs. This was such a valuable inservice and we will continue to offer this to our staff.” …. Nick Pappano, MCSSSD, SLP

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karen helping StefanWe will empower you to make a difference in the lives of your children and students. SI Services was founded by parents of a child living with autism. The company’s unique perspective is based on the love of parents striving to do everything for their child to succeed in life. It is with that drive that the SI has become a strong force in iPad education and training. Look for the ‘Family Story’ blog detailing how technology has helped our child thrive and how it has helped our family lead a more typical lifestyle. ‘Use someone’s strengths to help overcome their challenges’